Showcase your business through an unobtrusive but effective helpers.

Demand for original promotional items, giveaways or corporate meaningful still persists. How to deal with inappropriate gifts, which you include business partners, organizers of press conferences and various meetings? Large trash can or substandard inconspicuous foisted popular gifts in-law or friend nenáviděnénu from the faculty. To promotional items with your company logo become the really unwanted gift, we have the solution for you. We come up with truly endless series of articles that will be appreciated by your partners or subordinates who receive a gift at an appropriate occasion. But not least, are supplied by us and manufactured products an excellent means of promotion or visibility of your company. So what is going about?

We supply USB flash drives, Video booklets, Web key, and how to order, as well as preformed. OTG USB flash drive is usable tool for everyone, including children and seniors. USB flash drive has become an integral part of many women’s handbags, briefcases and work bags. USB flash drive is ideal for storing paper documents and photos, thanks to him, eliminating cumbersome paper files transferring from place to place. Upload and go. We will deliver a USB flash drive with original design, for which you pay nothing. If you order a hundred or more pieces of USB flash drives in 2D or 3D design, custom realize without problems. All our USB flash drives feature original SAMSUNG chips, Micron, Hynix, Intel and Toshiba. A choice of USB flash drives with memory ranging from 64MB – 128 GB.

In the case that you choose a Web key with us, you should know that by lifting the mood of each donee partner. This is a new, that web key works as a USB flash drive, but without memory. Web key opens automatically pre-programmed specific website whenever it is inserted into a computer. Web key helps you get your targeted customers where they want to load your example. About new products, services, special offer or event. Web key is a new way to increase traffic to the site. Web is a key component of printed material, which is processed according to your own design.

Video booklet is a simple and effective way to promote your business, your job, here you can record your own portfolio with examples of labor, product, product. Everyone, that Video booklet will starts, has a clear idea about ​​what you are offering. This notion is almost true thanks to high quality audio and video. Potential customer or partner so you do not have on your business not seek, nor even read because everything he sees and hears. Video booklet will create a high quality and in the shortest time possible.