Four Interesting Facts about USB Flash Drives That You Should Know

Do you think that every hot news in the world of technology will soon be erased from history? USB key ruins the myths! For example, a useful memory medium has been enjoying the same high level of popularity in our western neighbour for more than ten years. Last year, unbelievable 14.05 million units were sold in Germany: almost four times more than laptops. Why?

They suit the present-day lifestyle
Quality equipment endures up to one hundred thousand writes or erasing. So, don’t be afraid to turn the “flash drive” into a holiday number or safe for your highly important work files. Music and film library, data backup, emergency operating system, caffeine for your PC: you can turn the universal medium in any of that.

Because everyone can use the flash drive, it has become an ideal promotional item for introducing a new brand in the market. Moreover, a USB with a logo can help companies to distinguish themselves among competitors.

Portable disks have been keeping us good company for 21 years. However, the common user has no idea about their exceptional properties.

Even Usain Bolt is overtaken / They are faster than a jaguar
Every shop assistant in an electronics shop will tell you that at flash drives, people are mainly interested in capacity.

While chasing as many gigabytes as possible, another key feature may easily escape you: data transfer rate. Today, the top-quality units can read over 400 MB/s and write 350 MB/s easily. Your favourite film will be saved in ultra-high definition 4K to 40 seconds!

They will get the slow internet second wind
Technology plug-and-play represents a very soft form of data transmission among computers. Not only households but especially companies have become fond of sharing devices this was. But what if a colleague in the next building needs your data as soon as possible? And the inbuilt Wi-Fi adaptor in your laptop is slower than a snail? If your boss is not a sports fanatic, he will recommend using a Wi-Fi USB adaptor.

This miniature bit will change your laptop being cut off from the rest of the world into a source of the latest news, interesting videos, and online games without lags. Quality USB network cards will deal even with the most demanding connection activities:
– streaming
– video calls
– file sharing

In short, you can happily continue in your internet addiction.

The USB adaptor aerial catches and no longer sends the network signal from the router. It provides a 24/7 internet connection for your portable system immediately. Installation is as easy as mouse connecting. It is worth to choose a smaller model in a store: larger units can spread out over two USB ports of your laptop and make it ugly.

They persist in all respects / They withstand even drudgery
Even a USB key from a supermarket can flaunt endurance in extreme temperatures such 70°C or the other way around 15 °C below zero. You can safely accommodate units suitable for industry or the army even at -40 to 200 °C.

Your data media will bounce back after being treaded, washed in the washing machine, or a fall from the second floor. And if you keep it in a safe place, the keychain’s content can bring a message to future generations in decades.

Why just “flash drive”?
… Because flash games can be saved to it? Almost bingo.

This portable helper has flash memory. In a nutshell, it means: a lot of power in a small space.

A special type of memory enables you to treat yourself with a game or film whirlwind anywhere. Moreover, manufacturing technology is cheaper than traditional hard drives. Not only you will save money, but also electricity: USB has a smaller appetite for energy than HDD.

There is a countless number of reasons why “electronic sticks” still enchant users around the world. In addition, flash drive with corporate made-to-measure design becomes an effective tool for company promotion. Therefore, USB keychain with marketing content has become one of the most popular gift items. Yes, it surpassed pens and jotters.