Five Non-traditional Uses of a Flash Drive You Probably Don’t Know About

Do you think that USB and external hard disc drives are only used to saving files? We will convince you otherwise! It is possible to get a flash drive in various capacities, speeds, shapes and colours for a long time. Modern types will not only serve as an effective promotional gift that will please customers, employees and business partners. But also, as a practical tool that will make your life easier in many ways. Fasten your seat belts and punch in a doctor’s number. Top secret possibilities of the flash drive will probably take your breath away.

Security without a fee
Software Predator catches every intruder. With the revolutionary program, you will create a “lock” on your computer which you will unlock by inserting a USB key. There is no other way.

As soon as you catch a whiff of danger, remove the USB. This will block the system. A request to enter the password will pop up on the screen. After twenty seconds of ignoring or entering the wrong code, the computer will start “wailing”. The user with authorized access will then receive a message concerning the attempted unsuccessful penetration into the system.

Did the “pirate” manage to copy the file with a key to his own flash drive? Bad luck! The smart app often changes access data which works the same as exchanging the real lock.

One copy of Predator on one flash drive can protect more computers simultaneously.

ReadyBoost: it will revive even a half-dead computer
Long waiting and “biting”: a slow system makes work and fun bothersome. That is why Microsoft came up with caffeine called ReadyBoost for snail-like devices. The tool will turn your unused USB finger into additional computer memory. So, it boosts the entire computer memory, including programmes.

Windows Vista and newer windows can drink digital coffee. Users with the poorest device can look forward to the greatest effect. You will not get a visible increase in performance with modern laptops and computers.

For proper functioning, ReadyBoost requires the flash drive to fulfil the following performance requirements:
– transmission speed at least 5 MB/s in write mode
– free capacity from 1 GB higher (you will achieve the best results with free space corresponding with at least double the installed RAM)

Using ReadyBoost steroids will pay off, especially on devices with the impossibility of expanding the capacity of the computer memory or using the faster hard disc or SDD disc.

Work and have fun anywhere
Have you also missed that there is no program on the public computer which you need to work on your project? The platform enables to carry your favourite apps literally in your pocket. You will run on any computer or laptop, for example: Adobe Reader, LibreOffice, Gimp, Audacity, Skype, Google Chrome and hundreds of other open-source applications!

No more lugging a heavy laptop. No more drops on the forehead that the belly of a passer-by will become the cause of death of your device. And no more struggling for a free socket in public spaces.

Portable applications are perfect for working on public computers. They leave no traces in the system. On the contrary, they store all the settings, files and other data safely on your flash drive. So, snoopers will not be able to track your activity.

Even toddlers handle the installation of portable programs: download, open, and here you go!

TIP: You can upload portable applications and use them also on the online storage Dropbox or Google Drive, for example. Therefore, you can travel even with the USB key.

Rejuvenation of Windows
Perhaps everyone will confirm that their windows are not as stable as the producer promises. However, the user’s carelessness will often injure the system.

Unfortunately, investigating the cause of error often resembles looking for a needle in a haystack. With the System Restore tool, you don’t have to resort to a drastic solution in the form of reinstallation of the operating system.

The system restore function will allow you to restore: registers, system files, installed applications.

Moreover, it does not affect the personal data. You will not lose your documents or, e.g., photos by returning the system “to the past”.

The whole miracle works by automatic creation of restore points. “Snapshots” creates the system automatically at regular intervals even before important changes like: new program installation, software update, driver installation, at the user’s command.

An 8GB (16GB for some versions of Windows) USB drive will suffice to back up your system. This is because only changes contrary to previous state records into every other point of restoration. Everything is not copied anew which significantly saves space on the flash drive.

The set of System Repair functions offers more advanced options for saving the computer. Again, you can easily install the tool and run it from the USB drive.

Use as the disc to reset the password
Palling around with alcohol. Friend’s stupid joke. Overwhelmed brain. Or just a scatterbrain. All of this can lead to forgetting the system password.

The result may no longer be a heart attack. But the relief of having created a USB for a password reset in advance. You can easily get access to your account on the computer where you can set new access data.

And you live happily until the loss of the USB.