Wooden/bamboo USB flash drives

Are you looking for an unconventional advertising and promotional items for your company? Are you preparing interesting gift parcels for employees and customers? How about a wooden flash drive?

Each customer, client and employee deserves some reward. Not only a financial or sweet one, but also a reward in the form of interesting gifts. Gifts that often serve as advertising and promotional material as well because they have the company logo on them.

Are you among those who plan to come up with appropriate and interesting items for any business occasion or for personal use?

USB flash drives are getting more and more popular. They are useful and can make you happy because there is never enough flash drives. Maybe one of your customers, business partners, clients or employees needs to upload their work or presentation somewhere, or to transfer photos or videos, or to play a movie or music in their private life right now. And a flash drive is what they miss in their drawer.

So you already have a practical idea – the flash drive. What about its design, however? Should it not be something original, unique and completely innovative?

What about wooden/bamboo USB flash drives then?

Yes. You can have such a flash drive, too. It is quite unconventional, its practical purpose is satisfactory and its design will not disappoint you.

You can choose from various wood tones and also various shapes. It is not only a USB flash drive in classic design then, it is designed as, for example, a pencil, clothes peg, toy bricks and many other design ideas of which you have never even dreamt.

Wooden/bamboo USB flash drives offer a unique format of flash drives possibilities which attracts attention at first sight and is a suitable solution for both business and personal purposes. It will perfectly stand out in gift parcels and move you a few steps ahead of the rival companies.

One more reason why it is practical is the possibility to choose the capacity in the range of 128 MB to 64 GB. You can put your logo, slogan, name and simply anything according to your specific needs on the flash drives, thanks to the pad printing, laser engraving and CMYK.

The perfect possibility of surprise and presentation, and the way to success.