We chose a power bank

The prestigious Brands&Stories magazine has made a deal for wooden power banks. As quality and functionality were our priority requirements, we decided to approach ZPROGO team, a company we knew from the Reklama Polygraf trade fair. There we had the opportunity to see and test the products ourselves. When deciding which gift to choose for our customers, the environmentally friendly wooden power bank with laser become our champion. And since the Brands&Stories magazine, apart from brand stories, also covers store concepts and marketing-at-retail which are very much about design, it would be unthinkable for us to make a gift to our clients lacking design qualities. And we found all of our required parameters in the wooden power bank.

Nine years ago, our B2B magazine set itself the ambition of telling stories and philosophies in order to acquaint its readers not only with celebrated global names, but also with Czech brands. Brands&Stories wants to bring the attention to the fact that even locally there is plenty to be admired – be it brands established long ago by the ancestors of today’s management, or new brands established a couple of years ago. They may have been on the market for five, ten, twenty years, making products of superior technology and design, yet their names may be yet unknown. The publication comes out as a two-sided printed magazine. The one side contains the “Brands” part about the brands and their stories; it has gained ever greater popularity, up to constituting the majority of the magazine content today. The aim of this part is to bring to the readers attractive brand stories, their philosophies, corporate social responsibility, and latest news. The other side features specialised stories about brick and mortar stores. The name of this part is “Stories”; however the “i” is a little concealed in the graphic layout so that the word “Stores” can emerge. This part is a source of inspiration from the Czech Republic as well as abroad for marketing specialists, for store concepts, and a source of knowledge related to all POP aspects: POP marketing, visual merchandising, omnichannel marketing, digital signage, signmaking, 3D advertisement and others. And this is the part where ZPROGO team presented its Christmas knickknack to marketing specialists.

Starting this year, the Brands&Stories magazine will be published quarterly; it is distributed as direct mail to marketing managers, corporate owners and directors. The magazine readership include professional public and it targets the middle- and higher-class group. The brands use the Brands&Stories magazine not only to approach other businesses B2B, but also to address managers as end-consumers of the products. The brands presented in the specific issue have the opportunity to influence the magazine’s distribution to various commodity sectors and use the magazine as a reference and own direct mailing to specific recipients. Top managers of different companies may run across the Brands&Stories also thanks to our media partnerships with many professional conferences, workshops, trade fairs and contests.

The motto of the Brands&Stories is: “It’s the story that sells the brand“. It is based on the idea that If you read the brand’s story you will remember it, relate to it and look for it. Each issue presents several brands; however only one exclusive brand from each commodity sector.