Web key … unlocking your route to success

Want to increase traffic on your website, but don’t know how? In today’s world, the competitor with the best advertising gets to lead the pack. Which is why we’ve developed a revolutionary and unique method to increase traffic and give your customers the precise information they need.

Web keys are highly innovative products. They represent a simple, low-cost alternative to data carriers such as a USB with a URL. A web key is a memory-free device which helps you get your customers exactly where you want them. After being inserted into a computer, the web key is recognised as a web address that is activated immediately. This is a fantastic way of presenting catalogues, brochures and many other kinds of materials that you want to put directly into your customers hands.

How can web keys work for you?
Print up some advertising materials with your message, and make sure that a web key forms part of these materials. Distribute them to existing or potential clients. Your customers can simply detach the key from the printed materials and slip it into a USB port. Once in place it will straight away activate the website whose address has been stored on the key. Your only job is to choose which address to use to best advertise your message. It might be your company home page, the latest news page, or it might take you straight to a product catalogue.

Why use a web key?
If you’ve been using a traditional business card, you must surely know that most recipients stash the card away without ever checking its printed web address. The reason is straightforward – recipients would have to copy out address onto their devices. This takes time, so they put it off until later – and that moment never comes. On the other hand, if you place a device in their palm that they’ve never come across before, they become very curious to find out where this key will take them. Surprise your customers with something new – something that will be very useful for them and for you, too. You’ll be rewarding them with masses of important information and yourself with a much greater chance of success.

Get a web key made up for your printed advertising materials right away. You can choose your own designs and begin to use this revolutionary form of advertising.