Have you already have a company Vodeo booklet?

The video always interests more than an album of photos with captions. Video Booklet – this novelty among advertising mediums – is an unusual way to attract customers by a corporate promotional video. The essence of the product is an LCD screen embedded in the attractive plates – we can call it an electronic video book. A significant advantage that makes from the video book a successful promotional move, are the unlimited possibilities of graphic design of the plates. The design can accurately observe the corporate logotype and strongly support the corporate identity of the company. In the plates there is not missing a speaker, a rechargeable lithium battery or power and data transfer via a micro USB cable. Theplates open – video presentation starts. Technically simple, invaluable marketing idea. A non-traditional gift for an important client or a business partner in the world.

The video book as a gift isslowly but surely becoming a hit. Playful connection of a video with sound with a professionally brought out plates hopefully give an unlimited space for creativity of a marketing manager in collaboration with a graphic designer. Covers all topics. It works with multiple sensory perception with the assistance of emotion, so it can provide the hallmark of luxury and quite simple corporate presentation. It is certainly a great way how to propery tune up a business image on a small space and how to impress the client. This style of video promotion has all the prerequisites for success: it is fresh, always unique, easy to remember, it impacts the senses and emotions. Video in this form is widely applicable.

It is easy to imagine the potential of this innovation in the private sector: an original gift for birthday, awedding card, a chronicle of a family holiday or a themed video album.

One thing is certain in the world of business – social interaction, where the price is determined by the uniqueness and presentation level, the video electronic book certainly has a wide range of customers.