Customized loudspeaker

How would you feel about a loudspeaker, with a design of your own choice, that you could connect to a cell phone via bluethoot? Play your favourite music in high quality anywhere you want to! Here is your opportunity.

Just hearing the word “loudspeaker“ makes us imagin a very loud large box, which plays music in the highest quality possible and anybody who passes by such a thing would notice it for sure.

The loudspeaker is also built into a variety of devices such as a television, radio or cell phone. Lets focus on cell phones. The sound it produces and its quality are not even close to the sound loudspeaker can make.

But even on this field a progress was made. Portable speakers that can be connected to a cell phone via bluetooth are now avaliable to everybody. No need for cables, everything is completely wireless nowadays since every cell phone has bluetooth on its own.

Simply pleasant and easily transportable wireless loudspeaker so small, you could hide it in your handbag.

You can even loudspeaker customize ii according to your own needs and desires.

If you have an idea of your own about how the loudspeaker should look like, don’t just keep it for yourself. Now is the time to let it out, share it with us and let us make you one of your own choice. And besides the design you want, for instance in a shape of your favourite drink‘s bottle or in a shape of your company‘s product, it can also contain your company logo.

And so the customized loudspeaker can become a perfect promotional or advertisong object. This way you can originally differentiate yourself from your competition.

You can delight customers, business partners and employees by giving them customized loudspeakers at exhibitions, competitions and other company events. They will recall your company, its products and services everytime they use your gift.

Mugs, key rings, pens and teddy bears are just about everywhere these days. But think for yourself:

“When was the last time you saw somebody gifting custom made loudspeakers?“

Be the first company gifting original loudspeakers and raise public awareness about your business.