USB with epoxy sticker

Companies are growing in numbers and so competition is increasing. Therefore, it is important to invent new ways to gain a place in the market for your company. That is why promotional items will come in handy to please your clients.

Promotional USB flash drive will be a great help in their everyday life. With its storage of 4GB or more, it is ideal for storing movies. Smaller memory can be used for music, photo or document storage. This smart device can safely store your data for 10 years or more. In addition, when a flash drive is inserted into a device, a program or file may start running – such as a presentation of your new product line.

Modern USB, such as model 004MEPO, transmit data at up to 10GB/s. They are 16 times faster than SD cards and so many users will surely find them useful!

Many successful companies have discovered that the flash drive is the best gift for customers, employees and business partners. In order to differentiate and attract even more clients, choose from the models with the rotary cover – the most popular ones. These devices do not have a cap, which gets lost most of the time but is well-protected. In addition, this model emits a pleasant LED light to will underline its usefulness especially at night.

You can immortalize your logo or any picture with two modern methods on high-quality USB 004MEPO: laser engraving and epoxy. Its advantage is perfect adhesion on both plastic and metal surfaces. The epoxy stickers are encapsulated in a transparent resin, creating a perfect 3D effect that will surely get the attention of even the most demanding customers and observant business partner.

We provide you with a wide range of colors to choose from. In order for the advertising USB to get clients on your side quickly, its color should match the main color of the selected theme.

The product is made of quality plastic to make it affordable and save your business budget. A USB drive without a working connector is a worthless paperweight and so it is protected with a metal cover.

The USB drive supports all modern and even older operating systems including Mac OS and Linux. It will work reliably on all computers and laptops.

It is big enough for the client not to lose it. At the same time small enough to fit well in any space – small pockets. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is also suitable for professional business presentations.

By the end of the year, about 163,000,000,000,000GB will be stored in the world. The few megabytes that can be stored on these small USB drives will get easily lost in such a sea of data. On the contrary, the success they bring to your business will not be overlooked. A handy flash drive will help you or your business to build a reputation, keep existing customers and attract new ones. You still do not believe it? Order just 50 pieces for a test and see the results it will bring for yourself.