Bluetooth earphones i7S TWS with own brand

Choosing the best gift for clients, employees or significant business partners is often tricky. Whenever during exams or accumulating work duties, everyone felt the need to “switch off” sometimes. Good music chases stress away. Whether you love rock, country or folk, even in tram you can enjoy a true rendition of music just as being at a concert with top-quality earphones i7S TWS.

Multifunctional for multitasking
Promotional earphones 2-in-1 meet the demands of the current fast life. With the multifunctional button, your customers will comfortably answer a call from a colleague when they go for another satisfied buying of your goods. A high-quality microphone will not disappoint you on a motorway or busy street.

According to research, listening to music at a workplace raises the performance of employees in 93 % cases and 88 % concentration.

Earbuds for long journeys
With its minimalistic sizes of 47 x 8.2 mm, the promotional earphones may present a great surprise. Safely stored in your pockets, where the “singers” survive up to 100 hours, the earphones i7S TWS become a practical travel companion.

Connection of charging station and battery 65mAh – 950mAh, will enable you to transfer for a couple of hours in front of the stage of your favourite band while other drivers honk in a traffic jam. The smart case will tell you, how much “juice” it has got. You will rush charging the earphones through lunch or meeting.

Delight for ears
A recipe for a soul caress consists of impedance of 32 ohms, high frequency ranges up to 40 000 Hz and TWS technology which transmits quality decibels.

With the ergonomic shape, stylish earphones will catch your ears and will not let go and do not “pinch” at the same time. Therefore, you can leave out the risk of fall of the model i7S TWS under pedestrians’ feet.

For iPhone, smartwatch, and calculator
Up to 51 % of the population craves for everyday listening of top-class music.

Promotional earphones i7S TWS can boast the new version of wireless communication Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR s coverage up to 12 meters. It’s easy to pair any device supporting Bluetooth, including your grandma’s phone.

Whether the recipient of a gift loves iOS or Android, elegant earphones will be compatible with his/her digital better half.

Tailored to marketing needs
Over 80 % of customers desire to get a gift from you. Promotional earphones of quality PVC increase the chance that the recipient of a gift will buy your products or services, up to 80 %. And with the smart advertising motif of your company that we will immortalize on the device with proven printing methods CMYK or pad printing?

Give the people you care about an amazing music experience with the great earphones. The compact model i7S TWS allures even the stark opponent of music! Promotional earphones with your logo or original motif will turn into an effective marketing strategy.

You don’t believe it? Arrange a second Christmas for only 50 clients before you start production of a good mood on a large scale. Our original design earphones will become a synonym for safe delight behind the steering wheel, over textbooks or during a marathon.