USB tailored for Slovakian Marius Pedersen

Surely all of you know the Danish company, Marius Pedersen. In the Czech Republic, it appeared in 1990. In a short time, Marius Pedersen became the leader in the Czech market in the area of ​​waste management. In addition, it specializes in complete solutions for municipalities in the maintenance of public areas (eg maintenance plants, public lighting and public transport system). Marius Pedersen is a solid company that follows the principles of ecology and sustainable development. In Slovakia Marius Pedersen provides services for more than 4000 business entities, 400 cities and municipalities and 1 million inhabitants.

Our company successfully completed the contract for Slovak company Marius Pedersen. We were entrusted with the task of producing promotional USB flash drives in 3D design. Each flash drive should look like a real copy of the ROTOPRESS truck, to which the keyring should also be attached.

We knew it was not an easy task, but given our 22 years of experience in producing IT promotional items, we decided to get our hands dirty and we took it as a challenge. The Slovak company Marius Pedersen sent us the essential materials (logo and photo) to create a unique flash drive design.

As with any of our clients, we have proceeded with the utmost care. We have tried our best to create a perfect replica of the photos the company has provided. And so a new line of original flash drives was made to meet the top of our client’s wishes. Every USB contains a unique SAMSUNG chip. That’s why we could have guaranteed to company Marius Pedersen high quality and original design of USB flash the same way we can guarantee it to all other today. The order was, as always, completed in advance.

Slovak company Marius Pedersen has joined the list of our major clients for whom we have been creating original IT promotional items.

We have provided the production of original IT items for a number of major companies. These include Vodafone, Reebok, České dráhy, HP, Škoda Auto and many others. The quality of our services is demonstrated by the prestigious GOLD CERTIFICATE PROVEN COMPANY – a guarantee of maximum satisfaction for clients.

If you are also interested in making original IT promotional gifts or items, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer the production of unique flash drives, power banks, video booklets, USB flashlights, etc.