Become nature-friendly with USB ECO 010MECO

Are you looking for ways to be more nature-friendly? Sorting waste, saving cooking, turning off lights, but you feel like you could do more? Or do you want to be original and help the planet without having to give up on things that matter to you at the same time? Then this ecological USB flash drive is the right choice for you!

Why a Green USB Flash Drive? Do you know any computer accessory that people would use more often? According to statistics, for example, in Germany, 16.17 million pieces of flash drives were sold and the numbers are still growing.

Unique promotional item ECO USB flash drive is great for transferring and backing up valuable data. According to a survey, up to 46% of users experience a sudden loss of important data each year. Experts, therefore, recommend backing up valuable data outside of your computer – whether it’s your precious family photos or important corporate documents the USB flash drive is here for you.

This environmentally friendly promotional flash disc is a practical gift that will be appreciated by your clients who will benefit from it. The USB flash with your logo print on it also has a remarkable marketing impact.

Your customers will be reminded of your company whenever they use their data-storing companion. Additionally, you can fill up your USB disc with corporate promotional materials or a catalogue of your best products. Once your environmentally friendly USB is plugged into a computer, it can automatically navigate to your website and so it greatly improves your website traffic and get your business public. There are so many options for making visually appealing ECO USB visible and thanks to it you can finally start beating your competition. Build a positive reputation for eco-friendly business.

The USB ECO 010MECO is made of recycled paper, giving the flash disk a distinctive touch of environmental friendliness. The memory is delivered in virtually any capacity: Ranging from 128 MB (ideal for promotional materials or as a replacement for DVDs) up to 64 GB (for data backup). The minimum order is 50 pieces. To make it practical for all users, the model supports all known operating systems including MAC and Linux.

If you were looking for a cheap, original and practical promotional item that would also reliably advertise your company, you just found it. Order a unique eco-friendly USB flash drive from recycled paper and we guarantee that your customers will love it.