Do you prefer modern consumer electronics and use all possible means to get as much o fit as you can? Do you want to be up to date and use your PC, tablet and cell phone to the maximum? Check out USB OTG! It brings you new data storing opportunities and goes hand in hand with the modern age.

Many accessories are now very common while using your PC, tablet or cell phone for instance headphones, power banks, chargers, external discs, USB flash discs and etc.

Nowadays its rare to find somebody who is not regularly using flash disc to store their data. This miraculous device allows you not only to store your data, but also to transfer them from one device to another. Thanks to this modern device we no longer need CDs or DVDs. You just simply transfer your data from PC to flash disc, put the flash disc in your pocket and once you need the data again you can transfer them on any other device (mostly being PC).

But the market has come up with another novelty which is called USB OTG. But what is this new device?

Meanwhile the regular flash discs were used to transfer data from PC to PC or to TV, the USB OTG (also called On-The-GO) is a portable data storing device that can be connected to a tablet, cell phone or camera. In addition you can use it to connect a mouse or keyboard to any of those devices.

The main difference is that the flash disc USB OTG has two connectors. One of the is a regular USB, meaning oyu can connect it to a PC or notebook. The other connector can be connected to a cell phone or a tablet. And so its a micro USB designed for devices running Android, Windows or Lightning for Apple OS.

A practical solution for extending the storage space of the connected device as well as a means for connecting two other devices. A very important factor is the compatibility in this case devices supporting OTG functionality.

The point of use of USB OTG can be explained very well, for instance on a mobile phone. Older phones have so-called microSD slots that serve both as data storage and phone memory expansion. The SD card is then connected to a PC using an adapter and it is possible to transfer data from one device to another.

And so you might ask, why do modern devices don‘t have the microSD, if it was so useful?

The answer is very simple. It’s the USB OTG. Which allows you to easily connect your cell phone, tablet or camera to PC, transfer data and extend its memory.