Custom USB cable

USB cable with a original custom design. Promote your company logo, brand or anything else on a USB cable. This is an awesome INNOVATION of todays modern world. Anyone who happens to own such a cable will automatically know about your company. Use it as a promotional item or for its technical properties.

A unique opportunity to make your brand visible in a fun and original way. The customized USB cable is customized by our clients to meet the needs of our clients. Do you want to make your business even more visible? In such case, take advantage of this unique opportunity! You can have your own logo, company name, or brand on your USB cable. A unique and fun way to get your brand into just about anybodys thinking. Be original, be COOL and soon enough you will reap what you sow.

Based on your idea, we will fully customize the body of your USB cable and work your 2D or 3D design into something real adn useful. The minimum for your order is 100 pieces. Not only the USB cables come in different shapes, they even come in different colors. It is only up to you. We use classic white and black, but we also like all of the other colors. We are very variable in terms of customer wishes and we always try to meet your requirements fully. And so we offer green, red, yellow or blue color design as well.

Let us make your dreams come true and create you your own customized USB cables. You could be creative and playful and desing your cables in different colors. Or on the other hand be more serious and have them all in one color or two colors that fit together with your logo.

Everybody needs USB cable these days.

Wondering how this USB cable is produced? The motif is fully dyed and injected into the underlying material under high pressure. For each color, an injection mold has to be made. This amazing production technology is very unique and the products are very original. The surface motif is plastic. Everybody needs USB cable these days. Let us cooperate and come up with a solution that will suit your needs. Get your own original USB cable today!

Its the details that make the whole thing look awesome. These products are a great to promote your company. Let people know about your company and what you do in a very original way. Every aspect of business is important, including advertising. And so if you are looking for a way to promote your company and get more customers why not try the customized USB cables? Odrder at least 100 pieces and get your own cables for a fabulous price. You can have your own customized USB cable, according to your design and your personal or professional needs.

The following connectors are available:
– 4 pcs: USB, iPhone 4, iPhone 5/6/7, micro
– 5 pcs: USB, iPhone 4, iPhone 5/6/7, micro, mini