Are you falling asleep at work, during studying or just after dinner? USB LAMP 001NLZ is guaranteed to wake you up. When your eyelids begin to slip, just look at it shining and get energy right away. Indeed, there is no limit to design. You can tell the world your opinion. The sign of your firm may be shined by the lamp on many walls and desks. The lamp can also be made in the shape of your logo. Increase your prestige and attract new clients today.

Tailor-made lamp is a great gift. You can customize the lamp “head to toe”. We can immortalize your message or motif on a wooden pedestal either by printing or by laser. In both cases, they remain as unchanged as long as a stand made of fragrant beech wood.

Inside the lamp there is a 500mAh Li-ion cell. This allows you to leave it for more than 33 hours without a source. Then you simply supply it with Power Bank, Computer, Notebook, or other handy equipment.

Although it is suitable for everyone, it is most appreciated by mothers of schoolchildren. Above the textbook, the restlessness lasts longer, when a cute glowing dinosaur, for example, will be on it. In addition, the warm light shade enlightens the soul, creates a sense of well-being and allows you to relax. The lamp is not only a great design accessory but also a helper for relaxation. You will see that anyone will “befriend” this little guy.

You choose the intensity of light depending on your needs. Do you need to concentrate on your work? Let the lamp shine. Do you like reading before heading to bed? Weaker light will give your body a signal that the time of dreams is approaching and prepare it for quality, uninterrupted sleep.

The luminous part is made of quality acrylate, which can withstand up to 10 times worse treatment than glass. That is why the magical lamp will find its place even in a risky environment as a children’s room is. It can successfully withstand harsh treatment and all of the flying parts of children building kits. If it is successfully destroyed, it will only split into a few large pieces and so children cannot eat it or cut themselves. The lamp therefore stands out for its safety. Moreover, it is light as a “feather”. It weighs up to 50% less than classic glass lamps. So you can literally take it anywhere you need it.

Modern “LEDs” which are in the construction of the 001NLZ lamp outperform the old fluorescent lamps in all respects. They are up to 88% more economical and, moreover, according to the research, they can last up to six years on average. No wonder they are experiencing a huge boom. While Americans spent $ 26 billion on LED bulbs in 2016, it is expected to be up to $ 54 billion in 2022.

LED lamp is an important part of the interior and will be visible to all guests. Therefore, it pays to pay attention to its design. Whether you choose it for your home, hotel or business, this high-quality USB lamp on a hardwood beech stand will definitely not let you down. Just come up with an original motif, let you make it for you and have a lamp of your dreams that you will not be ashamed of.

Unleash your imagination and let us create a customized USB lamp for you!