USB in the form of a branch

Are you a fan of eco things? Does your business care for ecology? Let your clients know using original flash drives. This extraordinary USB model, made of wood, combines nature with modern technology. Suitable as an original gift for environmental enthusiasts.

Promotional items are very important to every business. Not only will they reliably help you stand out from the competition, but at the same time, your clients will surely remember you. And, as recent research shows, up to 83% of customers want to own promotional items from their favourite company. Do you know a better promotional item for companies than our original USB flash drive? A wooden USB for a key-ring is a practical gift for your customers, employees and business partners.

USB 008MW is not only for ecologists, but anyone who appreciates unconventional and useful gadgets. In particular, this wooden USB attracts by its design, as it is hand-made and each piece is an original. The greatest advantage of this hand-made gadget is a unique shape of each piece. It is also perfect for home or office decoration. We guarantee that this flash drive will not end at the client’s bottom of the drawer.

For USB flash drive capacity is of the essence. And we offer you this unique flash drive with capacity ranging from 128 MB to 64 GB. If you want your clients to use your USB flash drive, we recommend you to purchase a flash drive with the minimum capacity of 4GB. This corresponds to the capacity of a single DVD and is most in demand on the market. We made sure everyone can use this flash drive by ensuring that all modern operating systems support it.

Branding of a unique USB flash drive is a matter of course for us. A true promotional item has to have your logo, slogan, title or an ornament on and we place it there for you. The quality is ensured by using high-quality laser engraving.

Give your clients, business partners or employees a practical and genuine promotional item that will not end in a trash bin. This USB flash drive will not disappoint you either by its design or its function. Order our advertising flash drive to please your regular customers and attract new ones!