USB credit card with opener

Do you constantly need to have your data with you for your work or just for sharing thing with your friends? Or do you want something pleasant and practical to surprise your employees, clients or business partners? Then surely you will be fascinated by a USB credit card with an opener.

Do you like everything new, unusual and yet practical? Do you work with a computer and data storage is a priority for you? Do you want to promote your business? For all of those purposes, you can use a high-quality, original and practical USB credit card with an opener.

Unique design that will find its place in your heart. In your handbag, bag, on a table, or in a pocket pocket, this practical USB model will definitely never get lost.

Solutions you would not expect from this product. While you have important data such as movies, songs, photos, and so on always by yourself, you will not need to feel ashamed for the USB device you are carrying with you. And if you get thirsty at work, there’s no problem opening a bottle of something good to drink.

In addition, this is a unique USB flash drive solution that can also be used as corporate advertising or business promotion. You can use it as a gift for your subordinate or loyal clients, or surprise business partners, as well as competitors. As practical and attractive as the USB is, it will surely surprise in a nice way in form of a gift.

And if that’s not enough, consider the opportunity to redesign it with yourself! Using a high-tech offset printing technology in CMYK color we will then make your dreams come true.

The result is really worth it because this unique flash drive will serve as an even better promotional item for your company. Just imagine your logo, interesting graphics, the name of your business, some text or even photos on it. Everything according to your ideas and individual requirements.

Suitable for both personal use and as a gift for various occasions and for corporate purposes, whether as a work tool or already mentioned advertising and promotional item.