USB AQUA charger

Are you looking for a good way of presenting or promoting your products and services for your business? Do you want to suprise your customers, employees, business partners and competitors by something unusual and interesting? Perfect advertising and a gift for anybody, that is the USB AQUA charger.

Ad is undoubtedly an important part of any business, and you certainly do not want to miss the unique opportunity to get your business a step ahead of your competition.

A high-quality and interesting way of presentation of your business is worth investing into and not only will it attract customers and business partners but also delight the gifted ones. Whether you want to reward your customers or employees, promote your company on major events or just prepare cool Christmas presents for your loved ones and so on, the USB AQUA charger can handle it all for you.

The name implies that this is something unusual and interesting and that it could be a great choice for an ad, gift, or presentation. Of course there will be your business logo, text or image of your choice on it, just tell us and we will také care of it.

It’s a modern and practical charger with a interesting design that will surely come handy on daily basis for charging your mobile phone, tablet, navigation or MP3 player. Wear it anywhere you go so you do not lose the comfort offered by your electronic devices. Having a charger on the table, which is completely different and literally adorable, now that is how you attract attention.

A device with two USB ports in an original design is waiting for you. Inside there is fluid and a floating object. Liquid can be colored according to your requirements and the floating object can include your company logo, text, picture, practically anything you want.

Even the surface of the charger can be printed according to your requirements, and spread the idea of your company even deeper into peoples minds. A pad printing technology is avaliable in this case.

The main part of the charger is made of PVC plastic, the transparent part in (which the colored liquid is) is made of acrylic and the floating object is amde of polyresin. The PVC plastic part is white or black, according to your choice.

In short, it is a unique model that attracts attention and spreads the idea of your company only in the good way. Anybody seeing it will wish to have himself!