USB ballpoint pen

You can connect the ballpoint-shaped USB flash drive to your computer and transfer any information anytime.

Great promotion of your company! It can be used as a promotional gift for business partners, or as a promotional item that conceals necessary information inside. You can also choose an original style!

Do you want to stop wasting time searching for a USB flash drive on your desk, drawer, office, pockets, or in large chaotic purses? Have your USB flash drive at hand all the time, then. Do you ask how it can be done – to really have it at hand all the time? Just by using a ballpoint you will have habitually on the table among writing accessories. It can be used not only in paperwork but also in each office. You can have this little widget which offers more than it seems to anywhere on your desk. A ballpoint pen and a USB in one!

Common people always have a beautiful pen of high quality on their desk. This ballpoint is completely exceptional, because it even has a USB flash drive! They are always original and meet the high requirements of the most demanding clients. They are tasteful, modern and you have them two in one! A useful pen with a USB flash drive inside. Simple and very smart. You do not have to search across your desk and drawers for a flash drive; just open this ballpoint with one move and you can copy and transfer your data and other information.

A tool you can use even twice and each time a in a totally different way! The USB ballpoint can conceal a bunch of other tweaks, too; thereby you may please its future owners. Besides the USB, there can also be a laser pointer, a lamp or a stylus – a tool used to control a touchscreen of mobile phones and tablets – inside the ballpoint pen.

A creative ballpoint which gets even more attractive! You will never want to let this ballpoint pen go of your hands. The surface of these advertising ballpoint pens can be made of plastic or noble metals.

Have you not found what you were expecting? Then contact us and we will find another suitable solution for you. This ballpoint pen with a USB, however, is an innovation that is not known by many; therefore they will appreciate it. You, too, will enjoy such tool to help you with your advertising or promotion. Ordinary ballpoint pens, however, never last long and then, once they run out, they are put into the rubbish bin. In this case, though, they are never going to be thrown into the rubbish bin, because everyone is going to keep them for their built-in USB flash drive. Therefore, your advertisement you can have written on the ballpoint will be long-lasting and thus, effective.

You do not need to flood the clients with brochures and printed catalogs any more. Thanks to modern technologies we also protect our forests this way. There usually is loads of printed materials, which mostly end up in a rubbish bin. In recent years, however, this is gradually switching to forms of data transfer via mobile applications and also flash drives.

Do not offer an ordinary gift item, promote something exceptional. We use small things for advertising and promotion every day, you can be sure, though, that your ballpoint is not going to end up in a rubbish bin just like that, on the contrary, people will be glad to use it.