Key-shaped USB flash drive

USB flash drives are very modern and popular. We all know the ordinary types but what if you want something original? What about a key‑shaped USB? Everyone would be pleased!

Promotional key‑shaped USB flash drives are a welcome change. They create the effect of a key, thus their overall appearance is very popular. Their size is similar to an ordinary key on your keyring. You just need to add this key to the others and you will not have to search for your USB flash drive in your pockets or purse ever again. You will simply have it always with you. A very practical solution. The USB flash drive is thin and comparable with an ordinary key.

You can choose any model from our key menu. Should you desire something special, however, please feel free to contact us. Surely we can look for the optimal solution for you and find a new design of your key‑shaped USB flash drive.

An elegant solution for demanding clients.
The key‑shaped USB flash drive has stylish and modern design. The key is made of metal, thanks to which we can use laser engraving to apply the logo on the key. Anything can be printed on the metal key, too, both front and back side. Each side, front and back, can be printed with a different motif. Both can be easily printed or laser engraved.

Let your company’s focus stand out thanks to the useful and first-rate design of the key. It is suitable for car racing contests and industry entrepreneurs but also for day-to-day administrative activities. Everyone will love it!

A great gift for your customers or employees. Certainly they will be glad to use such a practical gift at work or in private. Choose your company logo or slogan and transform a small gift into a catchy and extraordinary advertising move. It is useful, small, modern and made of metal, which means it is of high quality.

Start your advertising campaign with a proper shake with keys. Surprise and please your business partners and future customers. Everyone tries not to lose their keys, so you can be sure that this one will be safe on your keyring, too, and you will never have to look for your flash drive anymore.