Custom POWER BANK, a unique gift

Are you wondering how to be more visible than your competition is? How to overcome all other companies and become the most wanted business? How to make sure your customers will seek your services and will be glad to return back over and over again? You do not have to worry anymore! You’ve found the solution.

Get this attention of your customers with Power Bank with their own original custom design in 2D or 3D. Your clients will surely appreciate this practical and original gift and will be more than happy to use it. We guarantee that our Power Bank with an original design will not end up on the bottom of the drawer. Technology makes life easier and grants us incredible possibilities and experiences.

What is Power bank?
It is a back-up mobile power source that reliably charges portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets, readers, cameras and laptops. Power bank does not have to be plugged into the power grid, so it’s the ideal partner for travel and life on the move. As soon as you sit down for a while, you can recharge the power bank from an electrical outlet or a USB port.

The production of our Power banks of unique design is realized in both 2D and 3D versions and is possible from 100 pcs. Our custom power bank production is divided into 2 categories:
2D design – A cheaper and simpler version, the power bank has a so-called 2D embossed shape. Your custom power bank will be shaped to sides to your liking and your design is going to be press on it from the top. From the top and bottom, the body of the power bank remains parallel.
3D design – A more expensive option that is worth it. Power bank can have the shape you only dream of. Do you want to resemble your mascot or your favourite product? Not a problem! There is only one limitation and that is the box-shaped battery that has to fit into the power bank’s body.

Power banks are gaining in popularity these days. According to research, by 2022 power banks will have a annual turnover of 560 trillion CZK every year. Our custom-made power banks are made of high quality soft PVC.

What do you need to do to ensure that your company receives these Power banks with a unique design? It’s very easy. Just send us your idea, photograph, logo and we will make the design according to your vision FREE of charge. Whether you choose a humorous motive, a famous character or your logo, we guarantee that your clients will love (y)our power bank.

Based on customer experience, it is better to go for smaller sizes rather than larger while designing your idea for us. This reduces the weight of the power bank, which is especially appreciated by customers who want to use your power bank as their companion on their travels.

Smart entrepreneurs know that an original and practical gift will attract consumers and help the company build a stable brand. Order our Power banks with your own design and see for yourself!