Rubik’s cube made to order

Nowadays, the best-selling product of the 1970s gains popularity as a corporate gift to increase sales and amazement of competitors. The survey has shown that up to 66 % of people consider themselves as above-average intelligent. Rubik’s cube with promotional graphics is more than a ticket to the genius club. Connecting the practical use and quality, you gain a recipe for increasing the satisfaction of existing customers and luring new clients.

Unlock the employee’s potential
Rubik’s cube in a format 3 x 3 is not just for the hands of programmers and officials that help them to score in the world of numbers. A toy from the Hungarian architect Ernö Rubik can speed up the productivity of workers in every company: whether you build, produce furniture or cook meals.

Show the employees that you care about them in an unforgettable way. Speedcubing at a company party will support their mind and cooperation more than champagne with tons of sandwiches.

By an intellectual gift item, you give the subordinate a signal, how you value professionality and productivity in the working process at the same time.

A whip for a lazy brain
There is a loss of physical and mental abilities in old age. A degenerative process can be slowed down by brain training. Solving brain teasers prevents the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Which parent does not desire the descendant’s success in education? Trying to solve the brain teaser of 43 trillion combinations as efficiently as possible exhausts the brain. The child develops concentration, spatial imagination, memory, ability to solve problems, as well as persistence and harmonization of eyes and hands. The child will definitely use the skills acquired by using your promotional item in life.

„Doctors point to the connection between playing with Rubik’s cube in the early stage of life and technical specialization during studies.”

By distribution of “clever” company gifts, you can convince your customers of the quality and reliability of your products or services that they will prefer over your competitors’.

During assembling the Rubik’s cube, the business partner will also definitely assemble a picture of the professionalism of your company which can support mutual cooperation.

Clients are attracted by quality, you are attracted by higher profit
The promotional gift will become a good companion from one to for years for up to 58 % of the recipients. Just a look and your company identity, that is immortalized in the gift by quality technology of offset CMYK printing, will stick in the brains of the target group thanks to trustworthy colours.

In combination with sanitary PVC plastic that is light as a feather, this gift item presents a recipe for widening the client base. With sizes 57 x 57 x 57 mm will be a perfect fit in the hand, as well as an interior decoration. This gift item will keep the first-class condition for years because we care about the quality of the material.

Paper box with logo or text according to your ideas will differentiate between the promotional gift and baubles “from the market”. Make an excellent first impression and smuggle your brand into public awareness.

Brain train can be fun. Pass a few points of IQ to 500 or more people you care about. After solving the brain teaser, a sweet reward in the form of your stylish logo waits for them.

In epitome: you will turn your company into the saviour of human thinking by gifting Rubik’s cubes made to order. Let the geniality flow into your clients, employees and business partners. The ZPROGO team, experts with 23 years of experience in producing quality promotional gifts, now serves you a specialty for cleverer Czech Republic!