Quality, usefulness and frugality, that’s what the wooden USB flash drives are

Plastic production has doubled to 8.5 billion tonnes in the last 50 years. Of this number, 6.3 billion was turned into plastic waste. This “planet cancer” already bears the 4 % blame on the planet’s global warming. Not only the weather and the life of many representatives of fauna and flora are at stake. Even you consume soup and bread with up to 100 particles of harmful microplastics.

Inscribe yourself in the mind of clients, business partners and employees as the company fighting for better tomorrows. Wooden USB flash drives help your brand to reach the “eco-friendly” face.

Whilst a donut satisfies tongue for a few moments, a quality flash drive swears good services to clients at least for a decade! Your effective motif or text in the case of stylish wooden USB with original design is a bait for customers. Immortalized with modern technologies of laser engraving, pad or digital printing selected made to measure company graphic turn itself into an eternal feast for the eyes.

It is precisely the presence of a slogan or logo on a promotional USB that can decide if customers recall you and perform a conversion action or if you hop out of their head and they migrate to rival companies.

Enticing with its distinctive touch, wooden USB can also find a place among decorations. Wood or bamboo caress (not only) ecologically minded souls with the feel of heroism for the planet.

For the clientele loves the brand which is incarnated into a superhero, check out the wooden power banks and many other ecological promotional items in our offer, too.

The arsenal of wooden flash drives with individual motifs has got a capacity from 128MG to 256GB. Such a deep bag of data will easily keep all your promotional materials, favourite films, and client’s photo albums, and on top of that – data backup. In order to let the wooden flash drive to bring happiness to everyone, it supports all known and semi-forgotten operating systems.

Ecology is in fashion. Designed wooden or bamboo USB combines gentle and useful and for today’s customers, it is simply tempting. Choose from our wide menu.

Still, it is difficult for you to find a model in a huge selection that exactly matches your needs? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We will definitely find a solution together.

Every day, the weather reminds us that the salvation of the planet sometimes requires more effort than just throw rubbish into the “right dustbin”. Likewise, your clientele or business partners will never forget the unique wooden or bamboo flash drives you gave them: because they will happily use this original promotional gift.

Good luck in catching new customers and strengthening the client base!