IT made to measure Christmas

Traditional Christmas dinner should be a three-course meal. While waiting for the feast, we serve you nine reasons why to let your employees and clients have a more beautiful holiday of peace and calm with promotional IT gifts.

1. Offer that can (not) be refused.
Christmas is no more about giving little somethings to close relatives. Gifts worth gold often lie under the Christmas tree. Up to 80 % of customers expect that their favourite brand will not forget about it.

Turn these numbers into means to develop your client base. Thanks to gift items, nine out of ten customers will stick your brand into their minds.

It is not enough to just get a pile of key chains to fully use the market potential of corporate gifts. Almost 70 % of clients refuse or put in a drawer impractical promotional gifts.

2. You will not go down in the clients’ mind.
70 % of companies have already verified
 that corporate promotional gifts are an effective promotional strategy to support sales. The recipient’s demands for quality of gifts grow as well as the growing number of products on the market.

Realizing these numbers, we have founded a Czech company to produce first-class promotional gifts and items, USB21. The secret of our customers’ satisfaction lies in the quality of components that produce our reliable electronics.

3. The technique is in. Profit from it.

USB Flash disksUSB ventilatorsUSB web keysvideo bookletsselfie sticks. These and more electronics can find wide use within every age group in today’s world.

If you want to choose the best promotional Christmas gift for clients, place a bet on IT goods. Every year, three out of ten people find electronic toys under the Christmas tree. For example, during the time of gaining fat while watching fairy tales, you will score with a stylish PC mouse or earphones with made to measure motif with your customers more than with a towel.

4. Modern corporate gifts.
For almost half of the users, possessing the newest digital favourite is more valuable than seeing the golden pig. Order the production of hot news from the world of consumer electronics which the kids of your clients will fight for with sparklers.
5. Golden Czech hands at marketing’s service.
Many companies wish to increase sales at Christmas. So, they try to find a verified custom-made production of promotional materials that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. We choose the components of the products as carefully as we immortalize the design of your company on the final corporate gift. Components of the brands such as Toshiba, Samsung, Intel, Hynix, and Micron will manage the delivery by a team of reindeers

6. Practice makes perfect.
Our internet gallery with the gold certificate “Verified Company” will ensure custom-made production of personalized corporate gifts so fast that you won’t even manage to examine the taste of Christmas sweets. Using modern printing technologies, we will immortalize your logo or another motif according to your taste of quality electronics.

Our desire to bring original corporate gifts to entrepreneurs is emphasized by deep knowledge from the field of activity together with long-time experience. Entrust the customer care to Czech professionals that companies such as Canon, ABB, UniCredit Leasing, Reebok, HBO GO and many more depend on.

7. Great visions make great profits.
Our goal was always to bring customers stylish promotional custom-made gifts that their clients will like and remember. To this day, we have built a first-rate range of products that even Santa Claus would nod with appreciation over realizing the scale of production.

From a USB lamp and Power bank, over beverage heater, GPS locators and video camera to virtual reality. This is just a short tasting of our wire and wireless toys. Manager and labourer, traveller and couchman, grandma and technology freak will choose here.

Provide the recipient of the gift with a more peaceful and relaxed holiday with Christmas sets that will definitely be able to get rid of stress during shopping fever.

8. More than a present.
A practical IT custom-made gift presents a great way to thank customers for their loyalty and employees for a job well done. Show your important clients and business partners that you care about mutual cooperation.

9. You don’t believe it? You won’t pay.
The basic ingredients to support sales are promotional materials and gift items. Check out that our recipe “nourishes” success well.

If you want to convince yourself that our “Christmas sweets” are cooked out of quality ingredients, we will send you a specimen. You don’t buy a pig in a poke here, but great work.

You have just found a goldfish in a sea of confusing offers of promotional items for dubious companies. Our internet gallery USB21 will fulfil more than three wishes.