USB figurines

Figurine‑shaped USB? That is not just a dream ‑ that is reality. This technology is patented and tested. The figurine can be to your liking and wishes!

Are you a creative type with a sense of humor? Do you like special products and novelties in each field? Do you enjoy common items in a funny form? In that case, you will just fall in love with USB flash drives, which are shaped as small figurines. You can select a figurine according to your taste!

It is a standard USB that can be connected to any computer, laptop and many other devices. This one is extraordinary, however, namely in its design. This unique figurine is hard to find just like that. They are commonly used even in car radios these days; you can play your own songs there. They are used to transfer data and other information. Their capacity can vary. It usually has about a few GB but you can choose smaller or bigger capacities as well. From 128 MB. Capacity range: from 128 MB to incredible 64 GB. That is some amount of data indeed.

An interesting design is perfect as a promotion, and as a gift, too. You can buy one just to please someone. They make original advertising gifts. You can give them to your business partners. You can choose a size and type of the USB figurine! It fits in any field of activity. Choose the design of the figurine according to the respective occupation. The figurine can represent the field you work in. We can even follow your own particular design. We can accommodate any requirements.

Do you want to surprise your employees with an exceptional gift for Christmas? Then try this unusual form that surely will please everyone. You can have various types designed. Figurines can vary according to the profession, and according to your wishes. Everyone will like such gift, because they can find it useful from that point on. Therefore, it is a very convenient promotional move; moreover, one that catches the eye.

A logo printed on the figurines is a matter of course. Choose your figurine that can represent a mascot, uniform, job, or just some action in progress. Santa on Christmas Eve? That will make an original gift, and in a nice package on top of that. It can be a great new promotion or please your employees as a small Christmas present.

Furthermore, the USB figurine is made of plastic, so it will not break or get damaged when hit, which is a big advantage. What would be your choice? Will we create a group of beautiful nurses in pink and a couple of nice doctors together, who will observe everything from a distance? Will it rather be electricians, working hard? Or perhaps policemen who will protect our law? Even a little figurine may be helpful, because thanks to the information transfer it can help us both at work and in our private entertainment. USB flash drives are modern, pleasant, small and popular. In addition, it is a time-tested device that you can use anywhere. We cannot wait to be surprised by your ideas!