How to atone for the unfulfilled resolutions of the year 2019?

During Christmas, people undertake a journey not only to the Trdelník stand but also into their souls. Annual balancing always requires a real batch of courage. Looking back at what you have (not) done over the past 12 months has passed many crowns into alcohol producers’ pockets.

Are you planning to punish yourself for your sins in 2019 by standing in freeze during the “Midnight Mass”? Unfulfilled resolutions can be expiated effectively…
… so, your business will also benefit…

Give your clients, business partners or employees quality gift items from the professional company ZPROGO team as presents. Not only you are registered as second Santa with company gift items in people’s minds you care about. Originally made to measure promotional gifts can remind you forever of what you have to knuckle down in 2020.

How to step into the new decade with the right foot? Find out, how to draw a thick line over the most common evergreens!

– In the siege of sweets, do you remember your half-forgotten goal to have the curves like Jennifer Lopez? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to lose weight with butter sweets. When the fidget spinner calms you down, you will come up with better tactics on how to clamp down on after-Christmas kilograms. Maybe the resistant camera will immortalize your endeavours and the record will push you to higher fitness performance.

– Did you make a carbon footprint instead of good deeds for Mother Earth? Compensate damages with wooden power bank, eco gift package or a bamboo USB.
– Did you spend your savings on “necessary useless things”? Expiate it! You will hardly find a more useful thing that a quality high-capacity USB flash drive.
– Did you throw in the towel the English textbook after the first lesson? Stretch your lazy brain with the Rubik’s Cube. A few weeks of solving and even Einstein’s physics will be a piece of cake for you.
– While you were supposed to relax at the massage, you gobble your lunch on the go? You may not manage to reserve time for yourself from day to day. But even a pleasantly warm tea on a USB warmer caress the soul and is a step towards health.
Your unique company design immortalized with the modern technology of printing on a promotional item: a recipe on how to turn an unknown business into second Robin Hood that enchants the Czech Republic. With a cleverly chosen promotional gift, customer care can turn into a mean of how to get yourself in line. Keep one piece of promotional gift for yourself as a reminder. Finally, achieve your set goals for the new year.

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