Five Unexpected Ways to Use USB Flash Drive

Do you think that a USB flash drive is only used to store and transfer data? We will disabuse you of that! Now, put down hamburger and doughnut, so the mouthful will not stick in your throat…

Work independently of the operating system
Do you “shuttle” among several computers? Maybe, you have already wished to keep your application settings on the other device too. Or imagine that you can continue working where you finished on any other computer. What superhuman productivity would you achieve? How much time would you save? And how many school works would you hand in on time?

A clever cocktail of the so-called portable software and cloud storage is a rod for procrastinators. No more “I’ll finish it at home” excuses.

Portable applications store their settings on the flash drive on which they are loaded. No installation required: they do not leave a single trace on the computer disc.

What is the advantage in practice?
For example, you can click on your bookmarks at school with a portable internet browser. When synchronizing with the internet storage of Dropbox type, it is possible to save the advance in writing a document, editing photos and even playing games. Unsuspected options open for you!

Don’t you want or have you got no time to select and download portable applications one by one? Try collections of portable programs of various categories assembled in advance: from the internet, through graphics, to education. In short, everything that can come in handy sometimes.

The gateway to these programs is launchers such as WinPenPack, LiberKey, CodySafe or PorableApps. Many of these also offer access to the portable Start menu, associations of files, online updates and more.

Just pay attention not to mix up portable software with another portable one which allows functioning across hardware or software platforms and stores its data on the system disc.

Get a new generation of security
A program called Predator can lock your device and turn a USB key chain into (almost) a real key. Hackers can leave empty-handed: instead of your valuable data and personal data, they will just receive a message “access denied”. In short, no one will enter your fortified computer without an “electronic key”.

Predator has attracted the attention of countless users mainly because it is completely free.

Administer the system
Do Windows annoy you? Or was there a “break of windows”? You can use Parted Magic in various crisis situations. This emergency operation system contains a handy set of tools for administration and repair of PC: system cloning, password reset, administration of disk partitioning, data recovery, health check of a connected disc, etc.

Don’t get scared. Parted Magic can conjure professional results up, but even those who didn’t step over the threshold of the Czech Technical University can operate it.

Nevertheless, is the program still all Greek to you? There is a lot of graphically convenient alternatives in the sea of software, e.g. Kaspersky Rescue Disk or SystemRescueCd.

Speed up your computer
What do a manager, game enthusiast, architect and shopaholic girl have in common? They all get mad at slow PC.

Fortunately, clever heads have developed applications such as Ready Boost type that can use the flash drive storage as primary storage RAM. Just connect the USB drive to your device. You can immediately enjoy a higher performance during work and fun.

Have you got all “memory sticks” fully loaded? It doesn’t matter.

The technology can be activated on any replaceable storage medium, for example, memory cards. The only requirement is a minimum of 256 MB of free space. You can reserve the rest of the capacity for your photos and top-secret documents.

And one advice is better than gold: you can crank up your “slower” the most if you leave the media inserted in the machine permanently.

Give a gift (not only) to your loved ones
The popularity of USB key chains has risen so much that nowadays, you can choose from more sizes and designs than there are stars in the sky. For example, the shape of formula car for sports lovers, medals for persistent students, an owl for night elements, a banana for vegetarians or a tooth for health.

At present, flash drives give joy to people all around the world with the design, speed and practicality. You can upload a collection of songs for Valentine’s Day, a collage of a sports team, holiday videos and even brochures of your company to the storage within a few minutes.

Promotional USB drives have become a powerful marketing tool for attracting new customers and sustaining existing clients. With a promotional key chain with your company’s logo, you will definitely attract even important business partners. Do you long for giving your employees a gift they will use often, for a long time and mainly happily? A high-capacity portable medium is the bull’s eye!

Raise awareness of your brand with one of the most popular types of promotional items. You will make clients a happier day, and they will help you achieve your dream sales in return.

What use will you find for your unutilized flash drives? Will you satisfy your personal needs with them, or will you turn them into business success?