Would you like your life to be modern and green at the same time? To use modern technology and accessories, and yet go hand in hand with nature? Start with eco-friendly USB flash drives.

Surely you have already encountered many technological amenities that have brought comfort and beneficial effect into your life, including making your work and everyday life easier, and many other pluses.

Suddenly, everything is much closer to you than it once was and it is easy to get used to a modern life full of amenities. You, too, however, can surely think from time to time of the idea whether all this is in harmony with nature, whether there are not too many modern things and too few natural ones.

What would you think about a USB flash drive made from recycled plastic, paper or cork? A computer technology or a car made from eco-friendly materials? It could make you smile, because this idea is almost impossible. This era has progressed that much, however, that it is just a matter of time when such an innovation comes to market.

One of them is actually already here. Though perhaps you do not have a wooden TV or computer at home yet, you can have a paper, cork or plastic USB flash drive, namely USB ECO.

This is no joke, only a pleasant reality thanks to which you can keep your modern and often used flash drive, and at the same time use a tool which is in harmony with nature despite all the modernity and progress.

USB ECO is a great advertising material that will capture the attention of your customers, business partners and employees. Not even the rival companies will be indifferent. A product from eco-friendly materials such as paper, cork and recycled PVC plastic.

Apart from the fact that the materials are interesting, there are also interesting design options so everyone can find their favourite eco-friendly flash drive.

There is, for example, a typical variation made from recyclable PVC plastic with a metal cap, and cork in combination with glass is a flash drive in the form of a wine cork in a glass bottle. Beauty is in simplicity, so at first sight you can see a plain piece of cork, but in fact it is a modern flash drive. A suitable design for financial advisors and bank specialists is a credit card, etc.

If that was not enough, you can have your company logo on these precious things thanks to the pad printing or laser engraving technologies.

It is a great solution for advertisement, promotion and bonuses for customers and employees.