Will USB condom protect your mobile phone against HIV?

Can such a USB condom protect your mobile phone against HIV? On a strange question there is a simple answer: and can be your mobile phone infected with HIV? See, it can not. Anyway, all devices are vulnerable to viruses, spam coming from all sides. Deploy virus protection, install antivirus programs, you’re being disciplined when opening unsecured or totally unknown files and attachments, as well the mobile phone is infected.

How did it happen? Probably you have used the free service charge your mobile phone, which is offered in many public places such as hotels, airports, waiting rooms or offices. Protect your data from malware and accidental synchronization. Malware is malicious computer program designed to intrusion or damage a computer system. Under the collective name for the malware include computer viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware. This danger can easily be averted by using USB condom.

USB condom is determined to charge mobile phones in an unknown unknown USB port of your computer. Since neither intermittent charging, or using antivirus counterparty is not completely reliable, it is the princip of USB condom in complete interruption of data pins, so the USB condom runs really only charging energy. If you want security, you need not only to charge mobile phones alone at home, but just put this USB condom and you are protected. With us you can choose USB condom in white or black. If you require a different color, you have to book at least two thousand pieces. Otherwise, we ship orders for goods to be removed minimum fifty pieces. USB condom has dimensions of 40x30x10 mm, pad printing option, or in CMYK.