We attended the REKLAMA – POLYGRAF 2017 fair (International Trade Fair)

Would you like to take a look inside the world of printing and advertising? Do you believe that it is all just about some poster or promotional materials? The traditional fair will tell you more.

There is probably no better way to get customers and business partners to know you than the trade fair itself.

Hundreds of exhibitors have an area of approximately 6000 m2 available, and they want to show “behind the scenes” as well as finished products and services related to printing and advertising. Not only will be there presentations of Czech and Slovak companies but also representatives from Germany, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria.

What exactly does the fair involve then?

Above all, it is the largest event of its kind in the Czech Republic, and it takes place in Prague. In 2017, it was already its 24th year.

Its main focus is the technology and materials for advertisement production, printing, gift items and many more.

This event is regularly attended by well‑known Czech, Slovak, and also foreign companies. It should be remembered that our company, ZPROGO team s.r.o. was again among the exhibitors.

The International Trade Fair for Advertising, Media, Printing is designed for visitors from the ranks of clients, advertising agencies, advertisement producers and so on. They are delighted to pass their experience and skills on each other.

There is also a display of IT of promotional items and gifts that will delight and are practical at the same time; for instance USB flash drives, Power banks, USB fans and many more.

Primarily, it’s all about the annual presentation of completely new trends, solutions and production processes in the world of advertising. At the same time, the fair is also for the shopping itself, and for the realization of other business or customer relations.

An interesting accompanying programme is also included, full of famous and interesting personalities. What was interesting about the 2017 was certainly the participation of the Ministry of culture, which hosted announcement of the competition named Calendars 2017.

What could be found at the fair? For instance:

Advertising ‑ signmaking, promotional and gift items, sales support, outdoor, marketing services, advertising services, media, media services, and professional publishing, stationery and much more.

Printing ‑ prepress, print materials, printing equipment, materials and services, as well as machines, devices, etc.

We believe that this year you were surprised by the fair once again and we can proudly say: “We attended the REKLAMA ‑ POLYGRAF 2017 fair and we would like to thank all who visited our exposition.”