USB stylus

Are you tired with running your fingers over your phone and tablet? Would you like to find another suitable and modern solution? Instead of swiping your finger on a map, you can use a unique stylus for it.

Is there anyone who never experienced this? You are trying to look something up on your smartphone or tablet, you are running your finger across the screen and it does not move at all or you get somewhere where you did not want to. There are other ways to use touchscreens, though.

Imagine how everyone else near you is going to rub down their fingers to search something, while you take out your USB stylus. What is this miracle about?

It is a modern and most importantly multipurpose USB flash drive that can provide you not only a data storage, but also an additional convenience – a stylus. The stylus is used as a practical tool for controlling the touch screen, whether on a mobile phone or a tablet.

You can also appreciate various design possibilities, such as metal, plastic, or a ball-point pen form. There is not only one colour available, either; there are several of them, ranging from white through green to silver, or even more colors according to the PANTONE sampler.

USB stylus can be used as a perfect advertising and promotional gift, to which you can apply the pad printing or laser engraving. Thus, the logo of your company can be eternalized on it, whereby you attract the attention of your customers and please your employees.

Various capacities from 128 MB to 64 GB can be found in the assortment. You can also find products compatible with different operating systems from Windows98 to Linux 2.4 and later versions there.

Various dimensions customize to all bags, backpacks, handbags and jacket pockets.

You will always have not only a flash drive, but also a practical solution for controlling touchscreens at hand. You will definitely make a great impression on people around you and also boost your professionalism.

If you are thinking about what should your company promotional and Christmas packages contain, the USB stylus cannot be missing in any case.

A combination of the need of data storage and a touchscreen control? No dreaming, but a pleasant reality.