USB in the design of a credit card

To find a practical gift that will overshadow the competitors by its originality is Hercules’s quest. Set a higher caliber. USB in the design of a credit card will perfectly fit in the purse among other cards. The credit card model 030MCC is a magnet for customers. Despite the USB miniature sizes, the credit card can load a portion of up to 128 GB of data.

Because up to 91 % of customers love practical company presents, you will easily connect the USB card to devices just like regular flash disks. The pull-out chip is friends with many Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems.

You get a strong potential to raise sales with the promotional gift made of strong metal. After many years when the USB dies, still, it can decorate the interior of a home or office with the stylish design: for that long, that even the unborn generation can be turned into your customers.

If you don’t want to buy 50 or more baits for the customers at that time, we will send you a specimen to try at first.

Serve with an accessory for competitive advantage.
With many years of experience in the field of promotional IT items production, we know that an effective promotional gift that will support your sales must link the utility and beauty.

Everyone will expect a quality product in a quality leatherette case. Developed specifically for USB flash disks, it will become a welcome design accessory for your target group. If you choose the stamping method for a unique luxurious look, you will impress.

Distinguish your corporate gift from baubles from the market.
In the time overfilled with information, attracting and retaining client attention represents a great challenge. The experts at our company have decided to ease the bad deal for you. The technology of laser engraving will create impressive motifs on the promotional items that will stick in the recipient’s mind.

2D linear design can keep every detail of your motif. At the same time, the laser can cope even with big figures and will not miss the heart of the most demanding customer.

The technology of a laser engraving with extreme durability will immortalize your logo. Laser, that lasts longer than your roof, will not be damaged by anything. Besides, possible unevennesses on the surface of the product will not jeopardize the appearance of your beautiful company graphics.

The production is realized in the most modern machines which laser like a wind. You can call to arms an army of promotional good-lookers, ready to intrude themselves into the hands or minds of every customer shortly after production assignment.

Maybe you don’t build a history in your bank register with the USB credit card 030MCC, but on the other hand, you build an unforgettable face of the company. Entrust the production of original promotional items to the hands of professionals who supply promotional gifts to various world-famous companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.