Quality USB flash drives for a song? Impossible!

Do you need a solution for promotional and other gifts? Do you care about their quality and a thorough presentation of the company? Choose the best quality flash drives.

Despite the fact that today there are loads of various options for your data storage, USB flash drives are still in great demand. No wonder that many companies choose promotional and presentation gifts in the form of a USB flash drive. Not only that it would please every employee, customer and business partner, but at the same time it carries the company logo, which works as a discreet advertising.

The main thing is, however, not to disgrace yourself with the flash drive. It is clear that you would rather choose some cheap offer that can provide flash drives for a song. Sometimes even for very unbelievable prices (for example, 2.10 – 3.05 USD for 16 GB). It is of course understandable that you are concerned about low costs for promotional items, but is it worth to have an advertisement that eventually could get the customer angry rather than pleased after he or she inserts a poor quality USB flash drive into their computer?

An immediate flood of negative discussions would follow, that customers received a nice and handy, yet useless gift. Such advertising probably does not fulfill its purpose after that.

With USB flash drives, it’s like with everything else. Their quality is most important. Such a presentation can be compared for example to a suit. You are planning an important business or working meeting which is very important to you. Are you going to buy a suit for 44.00 USD? If you want to make a good impression, the quality must be equal to the price in this case. You really are not going to set the Thames on fire with a suit for 44.00 USD.

Let’s, however, put the record straight to let you know what is this actually about.

When you want to secure high quality USB flash drives that you want to use for business needs or as promotional gifts afterwards, you should know where the quality and thus the higher price lies.

A memory chip is a part of the flash drive. And it is also the basis for the price of the entire USB flash drive. The price of the chip is based on its capacity (128MB – 128GB). The price of the chips is also affected by the market capacity. It is similar to an unstable currency rate. There is a lack of them mainly at the beginning of a year, and at its end. Thus, the price grows directly proportional.

The speed of the chips is also very significant and important. You can see the chips classified into categories A, B, C, D.

Furthermore, the package also comprises the price. This means additional costs that affect the price.

Shipping costs and customs fees need to be added to the price. It is affected by the number of pieces, and the size and weight of the shipment.

In the case that you have opted for promotional items in the form of high quality USB flash drives, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to advise you and to select the option corresponding with your budget.

Thus you will guarantee an investment in promotional items to yourself, which will be useful and no waste of money.