PC AQUA mouse

Do you like unusual items for daily use? Do you want to make yourself or others happy? Or come up with an original and appropriate rewards for your employees or just want to boost company promotion? Then you will be intrigued by the unique and cute PC AQUA mouse in an amazing design.

Are you working with a PC a lot and the accessories to this device are your priority? Do you want to present yourself and your company in this direction and be unique? So take a look at the PC AQUA mouse.

Working with a computer is today a day-to-day activity for almost every one of us, and it does not matter whether it is at home, at work or in one’s own company. These days you can nto make a step without a PC and so everyone is looking for not just the perfect device but also accessories that enhance comfort and make it easier to work with your dear PC.

And just such an element is a computer mouse without which you can not do a whole lot around your PC. Many people use it while working with their laptops, because their are so used to it.

When somebody says computer mouse you will likely think of a small black one that just fits in your hand and is used to control the device of all devices, your computer.

Because, as the time goes, every enhancement is quickely upgraded, now even computer mouses are being made in different shapes, colors and some of them are very interesting, just like our PC AQUA mouse.

Its originality lies in the fact that it has a breathtaking design and its interior contains fluid in which floats an object. The floating object may be of your choice, such as a business logo, a product, and many other ideas that you choose yourself. All in 2D or 3D design, and with the choice of color for the fluid.

Therefore, it is also suitable as a presentation or advertising item, because it will please your customers, business partners and employees and all of them will always think of you while sitting by their computers.

In addition to selecting an internal floating object, you can also choose different color shades of the mouse according to the PANTONE swatch. The PC mouse is made of PVC plastic. A business logo or anything else can be printed directly on the mouse.

The overall design is available in several variants, namely wireless with AA batteries as its source of energy, wireless with charging or classic cable mouse.

Make yourself and even others happy with an original PC mouse and gifted people will surely remember you.