Masturbation and USB cable?

How these two issues are possible or impossible to join, learned on his own skin, or on his own intimate places, a horny man from China.

An Important role played also alcohol and at that moment the unfortunate desire to shorten the time by masturbation.

Drunken man could think of nothing else than to seek information on the Internet how to satisfy his sexual desires when he is just without a woman. He found certainly a lot of information, but no new attempts managed to satisfy him enough to stop going on inventing.

And he who does not heed advice cannot be helped. Eventually he decided to play with an ordinary and innocent USB cable. Playing was not enough for him, so he got the idea to try really masterpiece. He introduced the chosen tool for momentary erotic games straight into his penis.

Whether it brought him the desired satisfaction is only just his mystery. Anyway she ended up in the hands that he sought. To pull the object out of his penis was not easy. And the whole process was very painful.

To introduce into the masculine pride something of 20 cm eventually will probably not be pleasant. Consequences will accompany the Chinese till the end of his life, because he damaged his urethra by his action.The doctors finally managed to eliminate the object from his penis, but by cutting into three parts. Every time the young man visits the toilet for a little need his truly superhuman sexual performance is reminded to him.

And which advice emerges from it? When you catch into your hands the USB cable, better use it for example as a necessary accessory for the Power bank or other device for which it is intended.

The alcohol intoxication men are apparently able to do even impossible things. From the story it is clear, that sometimes it is not worth and it is better to satisfy one’s needs by a common and less painful way.