IT Promotional Gifts

Would you like to please someone with an original gift? Would you like to expand influence of your company with a promotional gift that is worth it? IT promotional gifts will not disappoint you. Promotional items are increasingly popular with individuals and also companies, which need an efficient way to spread their services and products.

Promotional items which are based on IT items promoting these modern times, rather than on some pen or keyring with a company logo, prove increasingly successful.

If you are not only thinking about this form of presentation, but you want to act right away, you are certainly looking for a company that manufactures and sells IT promotional gifts.

The company you are looking for is actually on the market longer that you would expect, and believe us this is not an April Fool’s joke!

The company already operates on the market since April 1, 1996. At the beginning it was owned by a private person and subsequently transformed into Ltd. It specializes in production of IT promotional items and gifts.

What items it is about?

USB flash disk – various designs of the popular storage, e.g. with a company logo, which would please customers, employees, business partners, or friends and family. There are never enough data storages.

Power bank – an external battery would certainly please mobile devices users, since they would be able to charge their mobile phones, laptops and tablets without the electricity. A gift, and an advertisement, that will make you unforgettable.

Video Booklet – a suitable solution for presentation and advertising of the company in an original way; users does not need to read anything, they just watch and listen. Advertising that delights.

Web key – a tool comparable with an USB flash, the only difference is that this item has no memory and it reads the required URL after it is inserted into a device; then it opens a catalogue, brochure or a presentation of company products and services. A consumer is closer to you.

USB ventilators – working on a PC during hot summer days, refreshment would not come amiss; a customer, an employee or a business partner simply inserts it into a device and would feel pleasantly refreshed.

Selfie – a photograph would not be wasted if you give this promotional item to all interested.