USB cup warmers maintain the temperature of your drink between impressive 50 °C – 60 °C – simply place the cup onto the hot plate and connect with a USB cable. You can reward yourself with hot coffee, tea or other hot beverages all day long and they will never get cold. Cold drinks are a thing of the past now. The USB cup warmer works as a “Plug and Play” device, meaning that it is not required to install any software. A big advantage is that there is no battery required. However, the best thing is that the USB heater won’t take up your USB slot and will add 3 more because it also works as a USB hub with 4 additional slots.

Additional information

Available colors

Color as requested

other color according to the PANTONE swatch from 1000 pcs


95 x 10 x 20 mm

Possibility of printing

CMYK, pad printing


100 ks